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Brian McKnight

The World's Most Popular Brian McKnight Unofficial Fan Site  ~ Now hosted for nearly 30 years! ~                                     Operating Since 1992

Welcome to the All New Brian McKnight website! This is truly a Brian McKnight fan page designed by a fan for the fans, and what you've been waiting for. We're proud to be the longest running and most popular Brian McKnight unofficial fan page in the world, as the go-to website for McKnight fans around the world over the past 30+ years (established 1992) including our fan pages, message boards, and our online e-magazine).

We've evolved from a simple discussion forum message board, to a monthly webzine e-magazine, a basic webpage, and now a full multi-media experience with a social media element through Facebook.  This website has undergone 10 website revisions in its history, and now we have launched our latest mobile friendly version (flash free) for easier access for 2021 and beyond!

Visit our Facebook Page for the latest news, photos and fan interaction! Post your concert photos there and meet more fans from around the world:

Our online presence (from msg board > chat forum > web e-zone > webpage > social media) format has steadily evolved and expanded for the past 30 years (since 1992), but the site still stays true to its original mission: to always keep you updated with the latest information about the music and upcoming concerts of Brian McKnight. FYI: Brian McKnight has sold over 20 million CD's throughout his career and we're proud to have been there since the beginning with his debut self-titled album!

Over the years we have simplified our approach to delivering the latest Brian McKnight news to your computer or mobile phone.  To reach the official websites, please visit our "Web Links" section, and join us on our Facebook page for latest news.   To find the latest concert listings, we've created an easy "Event" section so you can simply click to see current upcoming concerts.


We're passionate about our mission, just like you're passionate about his music, and we thank you for all your many years of support!   For all our original supporters, you'll notice that we've switched to a WYSIWYG format and we're in the process or integrating some of our archived videos and reviews from decades past onto this page.   In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our new website landing page that keeps things current and provides you with links you need to stay in touch with the latest Brian McKnight news on the web.


Brian McKnight is a multi-talented, 16x time Grammy Nominated artist who can play 9 instruments: piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussions, trombone, tuba, French horn and trumpet.


Brian has released 16 studio albums so far, and an amazing 7 albums of them have gone platinum, with many going 2x and 3x platinum, and he has sold over 20 Million albums worldwide over his amazing career!  

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you agree that "Anytime" is a good time to listen to Brian McKnight!


Cheers, Winston :)

WebHost / Editor since 1988

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